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Frequently asked questions to all software engineering courses (seminars, lectures, etc.)

Due to outdated Studienordnungen it is not always easy to find out, when a software engineering course takes place. The intended schedule is as follows:

Course Normal Term
 Software Engineering Lecture Winter Semester (typically in the 3rd Semester after passing Programming)
Software Engineering Lab Summer Term after passing Software Engineering exam
Software Engineering Advanced Winter Term
Software Architecture Summer Term
MDSD Winter Term
QASD Summer Term
Seminar Both terms, as announced
OOP Not yet scheduled

For software engineering foundations, you should have good knowledge on at least one object-oriented language (Java, C++, ..). In addition, software engineering requires decent soft skills in document writing and giving talks.

For all other courses, a solid software engineering foundation is sufficient.

Yes, all lecture scripts and exercise sheets will be uploaded to OPAL. 

Further, we record all lectures and will provide the recordings via OPAL to you. Please note that technical issues can always happen, so single lectures records might not be available.

This is normal, since it takes a lot of effort to cut, edit, and decode the videos. So we are usually 3 to 4 lectures behind. 

First, you need to fullfill all requirments to attend the lecture.

Second, you need to pass the assigments (see first lecture slides).

Frequently asked questions wrt. all exams held at the chair for software engineering

Besides software architecture exams, all exams at our chair are open book exams, i.e., you can bring a book and all notes (handwritten or printed), exercises, etc. to your exam.

We aim at testing your problem solving skills in the first place. For this, in principle, all material presented during our lectures and exercises is relevant for your exam. In all cases, understanding the subject is much more necessary than knowing details by heart. Having a good understanding of our exercises or past exams is very helpful.


After the exam is written, we start correcting them.
The initizial results will be published in OPAL first.
At the same time we will announce the date for the exam review, where you get a chance to review your answers.
As soon as the review process is compleded, we will send the results to the examination office, where they are further processed.

Depending on the number of partisipants, it will take up to a couple of weeks.
However we try to correct the exams as fast as possible, often we are done in a couple of days.

To give you a heads up, we will publish the exam results in OPAL first. The grades provide in OPAL are not legally effective. The finale grade will be published by the examination office later on.

No, the grades in OPAL are only for your information and don't have any legal reasons.
Only the grades published by examination office are legally effective.

After the review process, we send the results to the examination office.
At this point we lose controll of the process and from now on it is up to the examination office.

To see your results in OPAL, it is nessasary, that you have registerted to our OPAL course, befor we publish the grades!
In case you haven't, you need to come to the exam review or wait till the examination office published your grade.

Frequently Asked Questions in matters of the examination board (Prüfungsausschuß)

No. (De-)registering an exam should be an exceptional case. Therefore, when you apply for de-registering from an exam, you need to provide good reasons why you did not (de-)register during the official periods, i.e., why you think your case is a valid and reasonable exception. Applications without such good reasons will be rejected. Simply forgetting it does not count as good reason.


we only report provided performance to the examination office. Afterwards the examination office tells us how is registerted to the exam. This is because we have different regulations for different studies.

However, in general you should not need to do the assigments again. In doubts please contact the examination office.


wir melden nur erbrachte Vorleistungen an das Prüfungsamt. Das PA entscheidet anschließend wer zugelassen und eingeschrieben ist. Da jeder Studiengang eine andere Prüfungsordnung hat und es noch mehrere Versionen gibt, können wir keine konkretere Aussage machen. Genauere Informationen bekommt man beim Prüfungsamt

In generell we will not provide reference solutions for the exercises. We want to have interative exersices. Therfore, we count on your attendes of the exercises and the disscusions in the exercises. In some cases your tutor will provide some exampels.

This depends on your studie regulations ("Prüfungsordnung"). In case of questions, contact the examination office ("Prüfungsamt" of "Fachschaft").

1.) Log in to OPAL

2.) Click on "Lernen und Lehren"

3.) Click under "Meine Gruppen" on "in denen ich teilnehme"

4.) Choose your group

5.) Now you are in your group and should be able to see group members as well as a button to send e-mails to every one.


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